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Let's write together

In my own writing, I particularly enjoy turning ideas over to uncover new perspectives. A background studying physics and neuroscience motivates the combined explorations of reality's nature and perception in poems, short stories, and novels. After years of writing, I've come to appreciate more and more the company of other writers. Join me in my writing challenges.


Are you interested in developing your writing?

As an editor, I specialise in developmental and substantive editing. From the poetic line to the narrative arc, I'm attentive to theme, flow and feeling. I'm interested in supporting your writing, whether that be getting it on the page in the first place, or honing the characters, pace, or point of view. Send me an excerpt of your work for a sample edit at Zeit & Geist Editing.

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H. Leijonan

We work side by side, three sapiens positioned at calculated fracture points in the slab of rubble. In an underground labyrinth we uncover relics of what was—we work for the sake of our deepest need: for knowledge, and for the progress and production it yields.

... read more in the Quarantine Review, Issue 10

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